Welcome to my blog!

Hi there! My name is Sifiso. I am an International Relations graduate, a communicator, content curator and writer. I am a free spirit, keen to discover the world, connecting things as I go.

I am a creative. Linear thinking does not live here. I like change and new experiences. I get excited about unconventional things. I process information in the context of a ‘bigger picture.’
I drink copious amounts of green tea and I read….a lot.
I am currently based in the DC/Maryland area of the USA. My writing is influenced by different things, including my experiences in the US, Southern Africa, Eastern Europe and South-East Asia.
I previously blogged at Afrimosaic– a personal blog on African arts and culture. I also regularly contribute to various online publications. (Check out my portfolio)
My mindset when creating this blog was to present a fresh look at our place in global affairs and culture. Sometimes we watch events happening from afar; refugees and asylum seekers looking for assistance in other countries. Economic meltdowns in Europe. Health epidemics like bird flu or Ebola. Aboriginals fighting for their rights and land.  I used to watch all of these and other situations as an outsider, far removed from the experience. Sheltered in the confines of my own worldview.
I realized we are more connected than we think we are. We might experience different events in different ways but ultimately what happens to one person affects to us all. It is this realization that led me to create this blog. To bring global affairs into daily conversations. To learn of each others experiences in the globalized world we live in. To found out how you and I fit into this puzzle and what we can do to positively influence our communities.

CuratedBySifiso is a creative space where I share thoughts and commentary on a mish-mash of happenings. Enjoy the blog!