All views expressed and articles presented on this blog are mine.

You can find all my posts as well as guest posts on current global affairs related to peace and security under Articles.    

Have a look at the Weekly Opportunity Bulletin, a list curated to share opportunities related to peace and security around the world. This list will include everything from scholarships, training and development, grants, conferences and jobs. of course there are many more opportunities available out there, this is just a list of all the opportunities i am aware of that i can share with you!

Take Action is the section where you can find activities, advocacy and events to get involved in.

The Arts. is a space where I share some good vibes and arts and culture stories. After all, “It has been said that art is a tryst; for in the joy of it, maker and beholder meet.” – Kojiro Tomita

Finally, I would love to connect with you via social media. The Contact page has all the details. Tweet me or fill out the contact form and I will be sure to reply you. Feel free to leave comments  on the posts throughout the blog and let’s get talking about how we can inspire and attain peace in our world!




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